About Launchdapp

Launchdapp is a platform that helps you host your dapp frontend easily. At Zastrin, we have developers from various backgrounds who take our courses and learn blockchain programming. Many of them (especially college students) are not well versed in devops. They struggle with packaging their dapps, getting a domain name, deploying and so on. They build the dapp in their development environment and leave it at that. There is something magical about deploying your dapp to a public network and let the world see it. We want everyone to experience that. Whether it is a college project, hobby project or something you can put on your resume, we want to help showcase your blockchain projects. That is why we built launchdapp.

Our mission at Zastrin has always been to grow the blockchain ecosystem by bringing more developers in to the space. Launchdapp is another way to do that. We are just scratching the surface here. There are many more integrations coming (ENS, IPFS and so on). If you are interested in collaborating, drop us a line hello@launchdapp.io.

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